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Friday, 6 January 2017

New HUD Housing Grants Assistance For Affordable Living

Every year HUD expands its grants and benefit programs to offer decent housing assistance and provide stable and decent living conditions for the low-income earners. In 2016 HUD has implemented many grant programs to offer the best possible financial help to those living at poverty levels. Let’s read about the new HUD grants.
According to a November press release HUD and VA have announced to grant $18.5 million to provide permanent housing to almost 2100 Veterans. The grant is targeted towards 39 local public housing agencies in U.S. and it will be administered through the HUD-VASH program. Vulnerable homeless Veterans from different communities will be given supportive services and affordable and stable housing assistance through the HUD-VASH Project Based Vouchers.
Since its inception in 2008, the HUD-VASH program has awarded more than 79,000 vouchers to about 111,000 homeless Veterans.
Furthermore in December HUD and VA announced to provide additional $2.9 million to provide 529 homeless Veterans in rural areas with permanent homes. The grant money will be given to local public housing agencies working to provide affordable housing.

HUD Grants for Youths Living in Public Housing
HUD has awarded 9 Public Housing Authorities almost $2.5 million to hire Education Navigators to help youths of 15-20 years and their families living in Public housings apply for higher educational degrees. The program, named the Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency for Education Program, will assist in applying for post-secondary degrees and federal student aid for college and will guide them with the application process. Youths will now get assistance to apply for FASFA and post-secondary programs for a brighter future and flourishing lives.
New HUD Housing Grants
Local Homeless Grant Program
In 2010 President Obama had launched a strategy-Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness. In respect to that plan HUD has awarded $1.95 billion grant money to end chronic homelessness and provide shelter to all. The grant has been awarded to approximately 7,600 homeless assistance programs that serve individuals and families facing homelessness.
Internet Benefits for Low Income Families
HUD’s ConnectHome and Comcast took the initiative to expand their internet services to low income families. It was an act of bridging the Digital Divide between the rich and the poor. The high speed internet program-Internet Essentials is targeted for the families living at poverty levels, public housing residents, and HUD housing residents. People availing the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Public Housing Program, and Multifamily Program can also avail the internet benefits if they reside in Comcast service areas.
Grants for Public Housing Residents
Public Housing Authorities, Native American Tribes, Public Housing Resident Associations and nonprofit organizations have been awarded $32 million. This initiative has been taken to hire service coordinators for the residents to help them with educational opportunities, provide job training, find decent and stable jobs, connect with placement programs and gain financial independence. 
Research well about the new HUD grants and start applying soon. For more information read 2016 Housing Grants for You.

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