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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Free Home Repair Grants For Disabled Veterans Renovate Home

Get your Veteran home repair grants and avail free money to repair and renovate your home for safe and independent living.
The transition of Veterans from the defense life to civilian life poses hurdles in the way to get secured jobs or decent earning opportunities. Veterans need to struggle to make a living with their meager savings post retirement or voluntary retirement due to some physical ailment. Disability further accentuates the problems as they require home repairing finances for better accessibility and to cope up with their injuries or damages caused to health.
The federal government, private organizations and the military departments offer financial help and grants to disabled Veterans for home repair needs. Get your home repair grants and make your home a better place to live in.

Federal Grants for Home Repair
Home Improvement and Structural Alteration (HISA): Both services related and nonservice related Veterans may avail the HISA program for their home repair needs for disability treatment process and/or for better accessibility in the residence. The HISA grants are offered to those disabled Veterans who have been advised for medical treatment for which certain home renovations or alterations are essential.
disabled veterans home repair grants
Service-connected Veterans may receive $6,800 and nonservice-connected Veterans may receive $2,000.
Special Home Adaptation (SHA) Grant: Veterans with specific service related disabilities are eligible for SHA grant. A grant amount up to $12,756 is offered to Veterans and service members for modifying and repairing their houses. The disability compensation is given to Veterans for:
Severe burn injuries
Both eye blindness and having 5/200 vision or less
Anatomical loss, loss of both hands, extreme injury below elbow
Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant: The SAH gives grant amount up to $63,780 for constructions of homes, better adaptability or removing obstacles for ease in moving for service related disabled Veterans. The disability compensation is given for:
Total loss of use or loss of both lower extremities, requiring usage of wheelchair, braces, crutches etc
Blindness in both eyes and loss of one lower extremity
Total loss of use or loss of both upper extremities
Severe burn injuries
Organic injury/disease with loss of use of one lower extremity or one upper extremity
Nonprofit Organizations
Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps: the program primarily offers critical home repairs for Veterans such as interior and exterior work, removal of health, safety and life hazards, modification for better accessibility, repairing of required materials, reconfiguring of space, installing any mechanical, plumbing or electrical systems and others. Qualified Veterans can also receive standard home repairs from Habitat.
Renovating Hope: injured Veteran homeowners and American service members can get home repair and remodeling services from the nonprofit organization. Veterans need to describe the current home condition, the required repair needs and any special needs if they have and send an email to the organization. They may also speak to the representatives for assistance.
More organizations like Salvation Army, Active Heroes, Home Depot Foundation, HelpAmerica Foundation, and The Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann Foundation offer repair and renovation services for free.
Apply soon for home repair grants for disabled Veterans and enjoy a well secured and independent living in your own house.

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