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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Free Housing Grants And Home Buyer Grants For Teachers

Teachers enrolled in schools located in remote areas or in rural communities find it difficult to get safe and decent homes to reside. Moreover, the restricted income levels and low savings can be an additional financial burden. Hence, to offer help, the federal government, state governments, and recognized institutions offer housing grants to teachers to offset the expenses. A list of grant programs are mentioned below, read and start applying.
Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund (EHHAF)
Teachers can now purchase a house with financial help from EHHAF. The organization assists qualified buyers in negotiating purchase and helps with closing costs that are free of any administrative fees. An agent from the organization will work with the seller to negotiate concessions and the service charges are free. Teachers can choose to purchase any type of home-resale, foreclosure or a newly constructed one and there is no time restriction for residing in their houses.
home buyer grants for teachers
State Housing Assistance Programs
Teachers can get special housing benefits from the state governments. The housing grant programs are categorized into two sections-the first program offers teachers who are prepared to teach in schools located in remote areas or hard-to-staff schools for a certain period of time. The second section enables teachers who agree to impart education for a selected number of years. It offers mortgage financing, closing costs or loan forgiving assistance.

State housing programs for teachers may include- Georgia Dreams Home Ownership Program, California’s Extra Credit Teacher Program, Louisiana Teachers Home Buyer Program, The Mississippi Critical Teacher Shortage Act, Arkansas Teacher Housing Development Foundation, Mississippi Moving Expense Reimbursement Program.
Good Next Door Program (Teacher Next Door Program)
The Good Neighbor Next Door Program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that enables teachers to become homeowners in moderate income neighborhoods or revitalization areas. HUD provides an attractive incentive of 50% discount from the home list price or purchase price.
Teachers must agree to reside in that property for a tenure of 36 months and it must be the sole residence. Eligible candidates can arrange for their own loans and those qualified for FHA financing have a down payment of only $100. The Good Neighbor Next Door Program is applicable to pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade teachers, administrators, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians and firefighters.
Housing for Heroes
The Housing for Heroes grants benefit programs and housing assistance like tax breaks, down payment help like lower interest rates, subsidized loans, life insurance and forgiving certain loan portions if the teacher imparts education in understaffed schools or in specific subjects for a given period of time.
Teachers can also get housing assistance from local school districts that offer rented homes at discounted rates to offset their low salaries. Moreover, nonprofits, local & state governments, schools and recognized institutions also offer housing grants for teachers like State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP), USDA Rural Program, Keystone Challenge Fund, Keystone Challenge Fund, Habitat for Humanity and others. Apply soon.

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