Friday, 25 November 2016

Free Window Replacement Grants Programs For Low Income Families

forget your financial worries and get free money to repair and replace windows for better home energy efficiency and comfortable living.
Well equipped windows are essential for comfortable living and hence replacement and repair is needed in case of any damage. Broken windows can cause infiltration of cold air, chilly window panes, and air conduction through panes, hence causing an increase in heating costs. A well equipped and remodeled window can save 10-20 percent of energy costs.
To support low income families grants and financial assistance are provided by the government, nonprofits, utility companies and housing agencies that help in replacement or up-gradation of windows. Let’s have a look at the window replacement grants.

Families using Energy Star-qualified windows, skylights and doors save an average of 12 percent on their energy bills and get tax credits up to $1,500 from the government. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy administer the Energy Star cooperative program. Energy Star Windows have low emissivity coatings on windows, doors, and skylights that reduce UV sun damage to the house. Few essential points to know:
Energy Star windows save energy bills by using less energy and saving more
These certified windows help in keeping the temperature of the house at a comfortable level by covering up the overheated spaces and cold drafts
There’s a special coating on the window glass that acts as a sunscreen, thus protecting the house 
window replacement grants
Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit Program
The program is financed by the Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The primary aim of the program is to assist low income families upgrade their homes and appliances for energy conservation and reduce electricity bills. The homes of the eligible applicants are physically and financially inspected by officers of HUD before the funds are granted.
Weatherization Assistance Program
WAP is sponsored by the Department of Energy to financially support low income families update their homes and repair their windows for energy saving. A grant amount of $5 billion is given to local and state governments which are later disbursed to eligible applicants for their window replacement or other energy savings repair work or weatherization of homes.
Applicants must be below the poverty level and must be US citizens to apply for the program. Apply with the state weatherization agency to avail the grants.
USDA Rural Repair Rehabilitation Grants
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has initiated the Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants that provide financial assistance for repairing, remodeling or modification of houses, upgrading of appliances and removing of any health hazards.
There are eligibility criteria for the USDA program-
Applicants must be US citizens or should be residing permanently in the country
Should be the homeowner and occupant of the house
The income level must be less than 50 percent of the area median income.
Self -Help Homeownership Opportunity Program
Below poverty families who build their individual homes are entitled to receive $15,000 grant amount. Families facing financial crisis may avail the grant for replacing their windows or upgrading their homes.
You may also apply to the utility companies, local government and nonprofits for replacement or repairing of windows to save energy and reduce your bills. Start applying now.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Free Home Repair And Improvement Grants For Disabled Single Mothers

Repair, Renovate and modernize your home with the home repair grants that offer financial assistance for your expenses.
Disabled mothers often require home repair work for eased living and better accessibility. At times the repair work might be an urgent need for their safe & secure living but for low income earning mothers the modification work can be a big financial worry.
Apply for home repair grants with the federal government, state offices, community agencies and nonprofits if you require modification, alteration or repair done. Forget your financial worries and start applying now.
Home Repair Grants for You
Urgent Repair Program: people with special needs can get help from the Urgent Repair Program for immediate repairs in their homes. Individuals with income below 50% of the area median income and people with special needs can avail critical repairs such as septic systems, rotten floors, heating systems or accessibility modifications. The funds are available from the local organizations and state governments.
Single-Family Rehabilitation Program: If an individual’s income is 80% of the area median income, they can avail assistance for major home repairs from the Single-Family Rehabilitation. The local organizations also supervise the repair work and provide funds for rehabilitation of homes. 
USDA: single mothers may receive home repair grants from the United States Department of Agriculture. Home repair grants like Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and Housing Preservation Grants offer financial aid for improving or repairing of roofs, ceiling, floors, stairs, heating systems, electrical wiring, removing health hazards etc.
single mother home repair grants
Nonprofits: home repair assistance programs can be availed from charities and non-profits like Community Action Agencies, The National Fuel Funds Network, NeighborWorks local organizations, Salvation Family Emergency Services, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Rebuilding Together and others.
Weatherization: the home appliances require up-gradation from time to time for energy efficiency. The federal government initiated grants like the Weatherization Assistance Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and LIHEAP Crisis Program. These grant programs offer services like wall and attic insulation, weather stripping, minor home repairs and energy-saving measures that reduce utility bills.
Single Family Housing Repair Program: it offers loans at low interest rates to very low income earners for home repairing and improvement work and to remove safety and health hazards. A maximum of $20,000 for the loan amount and $7,500 for grants are available. Applicants can also get a combined grant and loan amount of $27,500 for home modification work. The basic eligibility criteria to apply are:
Must be the homeowner and the occupant
Should not be able to get credit from anywhere
Applicants should have less than 50 percent of the area median income
Must be 62 years or older to get grants
There are many federal grants too like HUD, CBDG, FHA and USDA that offer home repair grants to disabled moms. Assistance is also available from State Housing Finance Agencies, Local Independent Living Center (ILC), local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).For further information visit site.
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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Free Grants For Single Disabled Mothers For Affordable Housing

Pay off your rent with ease and get affordable homes to stay with the housing grants from the government and charities.
Disabled single mothers with dependent children face a tough financial crisis due to their restricted income levels and invalidity. Thousands of single mothers face homelessness and evictions as paying off expensive home rents or purchasing a home seems unaffordable. The government, charities, non-profits and community agencies furnish housing grants to help especially able mothers and their families to dwell in safe,secured and affordable homes.
Get your housing grant today and get affordable homes, cash assistance to pay off rent or even purchase a house.
Federal Housing Grants for You
USDA Rural Development
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Single Family Housing Program offers loans and grant programs that can help disabled moms to secure affordable homes for their family. The programs support low income earning families with facilities like housing, home repair and improvement and removal of safety hazards. Apply with the Rural State Development Office to get help for rent payments or to find a new home.

HUD Housing Choice Vouchers Program
Single mothers with disability can seek help from HCVP, administered by HUD, for private housing. The houses might include apartments, townhouses and single family houses in decent and hygienic ambiance. The funds are allocated by local Public Housing Agencies for the houses chosen by disabled moms, provided they meet the set housing standards like safety and health requirements.
The funds are first allocated by HUD to the PHAs. Moms need to pay 30% of their total household income and remaining amount is paid by the government. The fund to be paid is decided as per the family size and income of the applicants.
Supplemental Security Income
People with disabilities and meager or no income may receive supplemental security income. Senior citizens, blind people, and other disabled people are eligible to receive financial support to pay for their basic needs like food, housing, clothing etc.
Family Unification Program
HUD offers the Family Unification Program that pays up to 10% of gross income or 30% of adjusted income to support disadvantaged families. A local housing authority first verifies about the income and eviction details.
housing grants for single disabled mothers
Non-Profit Organizations
Mercy Housing
Low income families, disabled moms, and senior citizens can avail housing assistance from Mercy Housing for affordable shelters, homes and apartments. The nonprofit organization is present in most states and cities and offer rental aid based on age, income, and disability.
Fannie Mae Grant
Fannie Mae offers low-priced foreclosure properties and few homes with flexible mortgage terms and low down payment terms. Low income families and disabled moms can apply for them for affordable shelter. Even varied loan options are also available from the MyCommunityMortgage program.
Habitat for Humanity
Single disabled mothers with restricted income can obtain affordable homes through Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers’ group build the homes of eligible applicants post which mothers pay a mortgage amount based on their financial levels.
There are more housing programs that disabled moms can opt for-HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Public Housing Program, Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities, Multifamily Projects, Homes for Our Troops, state housing grants, AmeriDream Inc. and others. Start applying now for a secured roof for your family.

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