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Friday, 16 September 2016

Low Income Housing Grants For Home Buying and Home Repair

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development seeks to offer affordable and decent housing conditions for the low-income earning families facing homelessness or poor living conditions. In 2016 HUD has implemented grants and housing benefit programs that help needy families and households to avail safe housing and clean neighborhoods.
States, counties, local governments and community action agencies offer housing grants, funds and assistance through the federal government to families requiring affordable homes. Read the article for the updated HUD housing grants and apply soon.
Low Income Housing Grants For Home Buying
Housing and Community Development Grants
On Sept 12th HUD awarded 77 Native American communities in the country $56.5 million for the betterment and improvement of their living conditions, residential conditions, community developments and suitable environments. The aim of the program is to provide affordable housing and better economic conditions for the Native Americans communities.

The grant program is part of the Indian Community Development Block Grant that was initiated in 1977 for housing and community developments. The grant amount can be used for house building, remodeling or repairing the old house, infrastructural developments of roads, sewer or water facilities or purchasing plots for housing.
Federal Housing Administration Program
The FHA has announced to offer assistance programs to help deprived families from foreclosures and retain their houses. The program will enforce new procedures for mortgage servicers to help them utilize a better process to avoid foreclosures for low-income families. A new and improved process will be initiated to be used by servicers while assessing foreclosure options and home retention alternatives for the borrowers.
The streamlined process will reduce the hassles of servicers and borrowers to determine a delinquency and mitigate the problem. Moreover, the improved program will offer more flexibility to evaluate the unemployed borrower for the forbearance agreement.
Veteran Homelessness Assistance Programs
In July’16 HUD awarded $5 million to almost 42 local housing authorities engaged in eliminating veteran homelessness in the country. By offering additional funds HUD is supporting such housing authorities across the nation to strengthen their work and initiate a joint program between HUD and U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide immediate services and permanent homes to veterans facing homelessness.
In August HUD and VA have again announced to offer funding for eradicating homelessness for veterans in 7 states. The grant amount will be presently given to 108 veterans through the HUD-VASH i.e. HUD-veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program.
New Housing Trust Fund
In 2016 HUD allocated almost $174 for affordable and decent housing for the low-income families. The fund has been allocated through Housing Trust Fund, a new housing program that will now function along with the state, local and federal services for better, safer and more affordable living conditions and housing for the homeless, low and very low income earning families.
Almost $3 million has been given to each state that will be utilized by the state housing planners for work like- acquisition of real property, site development and improvement, demolition, planning and administrative costs, relocation help and rental housing operating cost assistance.
Check your HUD housing grants and start applying soon for your house at the most affordable price.

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