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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills-Financial Assistance

For Veterans, the transition phase from military life to civilian life is quite struggling. Unavailability of financial resources and insufficient savings makes it tough to afford housing bills, rent, mortgage payment or home purchasing loans, causing heavy debts. Due bills can cause constant harassment from the renters, creditors and can even lead to evictions, foreclosure, and homelessness.
Financial crisis can be a scary situation hence the federal government, charities, Veteran organizations, community agencies, state and local governments have initiated housing grant programs, preventing homelessness and offering timely financial support and resources.
It’s a joint venture between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development that offers housing assistance to monetarily depressed Veterans and their families. Administered by the HUD, the program offers grants that amount up to as much as tens of millions of dollars. Funds are disbursed to Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program that is then allocated to nonprofits, charities, local and state housing authorities and accredited organizations. The complete application procedure for the program is directed by the HUD officials.

HUD-VASH supports more than tens of thousands of eligible Veterans from being homeless. The grant amount given may assist in:
Paying housing or rental bills, mortgages and security deposits 
Preventing evictions, foreclosures, and homelessness
Finding a new shelter or apartment for the homeless Veterans to reside
Paying the rent for a year for Veterans who sacrificed themselves
In addition to this, the local Veterans Health Administration medical centers appoint authorized case managers who may help with managing debts, bills, and funds.
Adapted Housing Grants
It is offered to Veterans with a service-related disability to help them pay for home purchasing and construction costs or to adapt an existing home according to their needs for better accessibility and mobility. Veterans can also avail the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant or Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) for land purchasing, constructing a home or for renovation work. VA covers almost 50% of the costs incurred.
Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills
Military Housing Assistance Fund
It’s a private donation program that offers grants and housing benefit assistance to compensate for the closing costs of home purchasing for Veterans and their families. Companies, organizations, and individuals donate funds for the cause. However, funding varies according to the home purchasing price, location of the home and the guidelines set by the VA.
Other Financial Resources
Several other financial resources are available for housing assistance. Nonprofits, charities, recognized associations, organizations and community agencies offer emergency funding, grants, financial assistance, transitional housing facilities and permanent shelter for Veterans and their families. Important names to note are:
American Red Cross
Volunteers of America
Disabled American Veterans
National Association of American Veterans
United Way
Unmet Needs
US Soldiers Foundation
Military One Source
Mercy for Me
Start applying for the Veteran housing grants to pay off your housing bills and reside securely in your affordable and permanent house.

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