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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Home Repair And Improvement Assistance Grant Programs For Disabled

Occasional home repairing services are essential for the upkeep of homes but it incurs huge expenses. Elderly and disabled people often require home modification services for better home accessibility, removal of health hazards and secure living conditions. However, the modification services can be unaffordable for low-income earners.
The federal government, nonprofits, state agencies and local agencies offer home repair grants for disabled to financially support renovation work and provide safe shelters. Start applying for the grant programs.
home improvement grants weatherization
Weatherization Assistance Program: home up-gradation is very much essential for energy efficiency and reduced energy bills. The expenses are however quite high hence, weatherization grants have been initiated for families with insufficient earnings. WAP provides free services like weather stripping, home up-gradation, improving heating and cooling systems, wall and attic insulation, energy saving techniques using the latest technology, upgrading home appliances. The US Department of Energy funds the program. You may also apply for other programs like Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, LIHEAP Crisis Program and Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP).
Rebuilding Together: it’s a nonprofit organization committed to render home repair services to low-income families, senior citizens, disabled and veterans. Offering more than 25 years of service, RT has spent almost $1.5 billion to provide home repair services to over 100,000 homes. Disabled people may seek for repair, home modification and rehabilitation services for better living conditions.
Habitat for Humanity: the nonprofit organization financially assists in developing affordable homes, providing shelter to low income earning families and offering home renovation services for decent living conditions. Disabled people in need of home repair services may see help from programs like ‘Habitat for Humanity Critical Home Repair’ and ‘a Brush with Kindness’. The former program provides urgent home repair services like weatherization, floor and electric mending, plumbing, structural repairs, roof repair, landscaping, mending broken windows, renovation for health and safety, removing health hazards etc. The later program offers exterior home repair, painting, weather stripping, and landscaping services.
Housing Agencies: look up the internet for state housing agencies that provide information on home repair grants for the disabled. Enter your state’s name to know the nearest agency available. The counselors may provide help for home repairing and guide you with the process.
home repair grants for disabled
Independent Living Center: contact your local ILC for home repairing suggestions, proposals, and support. Disabled people can get home modification services like hazard removal, making a wheelchair ramp, widening the doorway etc. the ILC is present in almost every state, so why wait? Contact today and look for help.
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You still have more options--CBDG, HUD, USDA, FHA, and state & local governments also offer federal home repair grants for disabled. You may also contact nonprofits like NeighborWorks, The National Fuel Funds Network, Salvation Family Emergency Services, National Low Income Housing Coalition and Community Action Agencies. Other home repair programs like Urgent Repair Program, Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool (SFRLP) and Single-Family Rehabilitation (SFR) Program are also available. Start applying for the home repair grants today.

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