Thursday, 29 December 2016

Important Steps And Tips To Avoid Foreclosure-Mortgage Assistance

Signing a mortgage doesn’t mean you think of losing your home but many unfortunate circumstances can lead to the foreclosure nightmare. Sudden lost jobs, serious medical issues or financial loss can bring major monetary crisis, making it quite impossible to make your mortgage payments
If stuck you need to follow some important steps and tips to avoid foreclosure. Read on to know.
Communicating with Your Lender
The moment you realize you are lagging behind your mortgage payments contact your lender. The lender should be aware of your financial problems to help you make a plan to avoid foreclosure. Lenders have foreclosure prevention options and can work-up the best plan suited for you. Avoiding their emails or calls will only create legal issues and take you to a foreclosure court. Don’t be embarrassed to tell your problems and seek help.
Research About Your Mortgage Rights
Read well your loan documents, the laws stated, the consequences if you can’t repay and the timeframe your state gives to pay back. Also, contact the State Government Housing Office for more detailed information.
Mortgage Payment Assistance
Know Your Mortgage Options
HUD has implemented many foreclosure options for homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes. A complete knowledge of your mortgage type and all the available options will help you choose the best to avoid foreclosure. Some important foreclosure options are:
Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)
Principal Reduction Alternative
Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP)
FHA Special Forbearance
Second Lien Modification Program (2MP)
Remember there are special rules for FHA insured loans, VA insured loans and conventional loans. If you are FHA insured which is part of HUD your lender will have to follow certain guidelines. If the lender disagrees you can contact FHA's National Servicing Center and/or FHA Outreach Center; call them or send them an email.

If you have conventional loans talk to a housing counselor approved by HUD. You can also contact HOPE NOW to help you sort out with your lender.
Contact a HUD Counselor
It stuck with foreclosure problem get assistance from HUD approved housing counselors. The housing counseling services are offered for free or at very reduced price that can help you organize your finances, tell you the laws, offer the best options and plan your expenditure. They can also represent you to negotiate with your lenders.
Don’t Get Into Scams
Many dishonest companies and/or for-profit companies may offer you deals to settle your foreclosure with your lender. Well, remember these are scams. They rarely live up to their promises and moreover, charge a hefty amount for their services. Do not fall for fake promises like promising to stop foreclosure or encouraging filing for bankruptcy or asking to make prior payments to them. Also, never sign any foreclosure rescue document without thoroughly reading it. It’s best to seek help from HUD counselors and trusted and verified professionals.
Follow these vital steps and avoid foreclosure to reside happily with your family in your home.

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Apply For Individual HUD Housing Grants And Financial Assistance

Apply for individual HUD housing grants and get financial assistance and benefit programs from the government to reside in a decent affordable home.
If you are applying for HUD Housing grants as an individual i.e, not on behalf of an organization or nonprofit organization then you need to follow few important steps to keep in mind. Grants for individual applicants are limited and are not granted directly. While applying for grants remember to select the ‘Individual’ option and then search for grants. The article will help you gain an insight into the key points to remember and the HUD housing grants that are available for individual applicants.
Important Points to Remember Before You Apply
Individuals are not entitled to direct loans or grants from HUD. To get grants, individuals must contact local governments and nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance and counseling
Housing grants are not directly given to individuals. Mostly they are allocated to states and municipalities that are later distributed to eligible residents who qualify for the funds

The grants do not cover 100% of the housing cost
Qualifying for a mortgage is a necessity. HUD grants are only given to those who can use them towards a mortgage
If you are a first time home buyer looking for federal grants then you need to attend Housing Counseling class approved by HUD. The counseling sessions provide an insight into the grant process and help to organize the finances that enable one to qualify for a mortgage.
HUD Housing Grants
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program: very low-income families, individuals, elderly and the disabled are eligible for the program that offers safe, affordable and decent housing provisions. Applicants can select their own houses i.e. townhouses, single-family homes, and apartments. Administered by the Public Housing Agencies (PHA), the applicants are issued housing vouchers to find suitable housing units. Once the owner agrees to rent the house under the program a housing subsidy is paid directly by the PHA to the landlord on behalf of the renter. The renter later pays the difference in the amount subsidized and the actual rent charged.
Assistance from Local Government: HUD grants are often allocated to state and local governments later to be granted to eligible participants. Contact your state and local government and county offices for assistance with housing grants.
Housing Counseling: HUD has a complete list of all housing counseling agencies throughout the country. Before looking for grants visit the agencies to get a complete knowledge of home purchasing, credit issues, renting, foreclosures, reverse mortgages, defaults etc.
Local Home Buyer Program: several housing programs are often sponsored by accredited organizations and state and local governments do look for them. For example in Texas, there are housing resources for seniors and for emergency situations. Ohio provides rural housing programs and homeownership vouchers. Visit the HUD page for more information.
Privately and Publicly Owned Subsidized Housing: Public housings are subsidized federal rental property funded by HUD and managed by local housing authorities. You must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify as a renter and the housing authority determines your rent.
Private housings are owned by landlords and property management companies who offer their homes at reduced rates. The rent is decided either by the landlords or it depends on your monthly income.
Individual applicants can also check with the for more information on housing grants, eligibility criteria through a free and confidential online screening tool. You may also apply for HUD loan programs. Research well and apply for HUD housing grants for individuals.

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Free Housing Grants And Home Buyer Grants For Teachers

Teachers enrolled in schools located in remote areas or in rural communities find it difficult to get safe and decent homes to reside. Moreover, the restricted income levels and low savings can be an additional financial burden. Hence, to offer help, the federal government, state governments, and recognized institutions offer housing grants to teachers to offset the expenses. A list of grant programs are mentioned below, read and start applying.
Everyday Hero Housing Assistance Fund (EHHAF)
Teachers can now purchase a house with financial help from EHHAF. The organization assists qualified buyers in negotiating purchase and helps with closing costs that are free of any administrative fees. An agent from the organization will work with the seller to negotiate concessions and the service charges are free. Teachers can choose to purchase any type of home-resale, foreclosure or a newly constructed one and there is no time restriction for residing in their houses.
home buyer grants for teachers
State Housing Assistance Programs
Teachers can get special housing benefits from the state governments. The housing grant programs are categorized into two sections-the first program offers teachers who are prepared to teach in schools located in remote areas or hard-to-staff schools for a certain period of time. The second section enables teachers who agree to impart education for a selected number of years. It offers mortgage financing, closing costs or loan forgiving assistance.

State housing programs for teachers may include- Georgia Dreams Home Ownership Program, California’s Extra Credit Teacher Program, Louisiana Teachers Home Buyer Program, The Mississippi Critical Teacher Shortage Act, Arkansas Teacher Housing Development Foundation, Mississippi Moving Expense Reimbursement Program.
Good Next Door Program (Teacher Next Door Program)
The Good Neighbor Next Door Program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that enables teachers to become homeowners in moderate income neighborhoods or revitalization areas. HUD provides an attractive incentive of 50% discount from the home list price or purchase price.
Teachers must agree to reside in that property for a tenure of 36 months and it must be the sole residence. Eligible candidates can arrange for their own loans and those qualified for FHA financing have a down payment of only $100. The Good Neighbor Next Door Program is applicable to pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade teachers, administrators, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians and firefighters.
Housing for Heroes
The Housing for Heroes grants benefit programs and housing assistance like tax breaks, down payment help like lower interest rates, subsidized loans, life insurance and forgiving certain loan portions if the teacher imparts education in understaffed schools or in specific subjects for a given period of time.
Teachers can also get housing assistance from local school districts that offer rented homes at discounted rates to offset their low salaries. Moreover, nonprofits, local & state governments, schools and recognized institutions also offer housing grants for teachers like State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP), USDA Rural Program, Keystone Challenge Fund, Keystone Challenge Fund, Habitat for Humanity and others. Apply soon.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Free Financial Help For Home Repair And Relocating Expenses

Home relocation can be really very expensive. Whether you are moving for better living conditions, after a natural disaster, for company relocation, business closure or any unexpected reason, the expenses of shifting can be overwhelming. It’s a complex process that involves goods packing, transportation expenses, travel expenses, security deposits etc. that add up your expenditure.
So, if you are running out of money and need financial help for home relocation expenses then there are few options that you may opt for. Government grants, nonprofit organizations, state agencies and social service agencies can help cover the moving costs. Read on and apply soon for relocation assistance.
Federal Relocation Assistance Program
The program assists low-income families, who are homeowners, to move or relocate after a natural disaster. It covers the expenses of moving to a different location and/or to a new house. Eligible families can receive grant amount that covers the shifting cost. The grant program also provides financial assistance to small businesses to relocate their office.

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program
The HUD-administered Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program offer monetary help to disadvantaged families experiencing homelessness or those who are at a risk of getting evicted due to inability to pay rent. The funds from the grant help in compensating for medium or short term rental assistance, utility payments, credit counseling, housing relocation and moving costs like transportation, furniture shifting, deposit cost covering.
Money For Home Repair And Relocating Expenses
State and Local Government
If you think of moving do visit the social service department of the state or local government. Families residing in unhealthy or unsafe living conditions or those who need to relocate due to a natural disaster are eligible for cash assistance from the state or local offices. Check the internet for the nearest government office and visit them.
Supportive Services for Veterans and Veteran Families
The program assists Veterans and their families to find affordable homes, offers financial aid for the initial monthly rents and helps pay off back rent and utility bills. The Veterans Inc. Veteran families who are homeless can also get assistance for transportation and home moving expenses from the Supportive Services.
Nonprofit Organizations
Every state has nonprofit organizations that work for the welfare of the society. These nonprofits, funded by the state and local government and/or individual or corporate donors, assist needy families, battered women, single mothers, the disabled and senior citizens to help them lead a well-accomplished life. You may seek financial help for home relocation expenses from organizations like Amy's Courage Fund, United Way, Salvation Army, YWCA, Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran social services and other social service agencies.
You may also want to seek help from packing and moving companies for any discounts, installment payments or special plans. If you are shifting for a new job then you may get financial help and moving allowances from your company. Apply now for an eased and affordable home relocation.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Free Home Repair Grants For Disabled Veterans Renovate Home

Get your Veteran home repair grants and avail free money to repair and renovate your home for safe and independent living.
The transition of Veterans from the defense life to civilian life poses hurdles in the way to get secured jobs or decent earning opportunities. Veterans need to struggle to make a living with their meager savings post retirement or voluntary retirement due to some physical ailment. Disability further accentuates the problems as they require home repairing finances for better accessibility and to cope up with their injuries or damages caused to health.
The federal government, private organizations and the military departments offer financial help and grants to disabled Veterans for home repair needs. Get your home repair grants and make your home a better place to live in.

Federal Grants for Home Repair
Home Improvement and Structural Alteration (HISA): Both services related and nonservice related Veterans may avail the HISA program for their home repair needs for disability treatment process and/or for better accessibility in the residence. The HISA grants are offered to those disabled Veterans who have been advised for medical treatment for which certain home renovations or alterations are essential.
disabled veterans home repair grants
Service-connected Veterans may receive $6,800 and nonservice-connected Veterans may receive $2,000.
Special Home Adaptation (SHA) Grant: Veterans with specific service related disabilities are eligible for SHA grant. A grant amount up to $12,756 is offered to Veterans and service members for modifying and repairing their houses. The disability compensation is given to Veterans for:
Severe burn injuries
Both eye blindness and having 5/200 vision or less
Anatomical loss, loss of both hands, extreme injury below elbow
Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant: The SAH gives grant amount up to $63,780 for constructions of homes, better adaptability or removing obstacles for ease in moving for service related disabled Veterans. The disability compensation is given for:
Total loss of use or loss of both lower extremities, requiring usage of wheelchair, braces, crutches etc
Blindness in both eyes and loss of one lower extremity
Total loss of use or loss of both upper extremities
Severe burn injuries
Organic injury/disease with loss of use of one lower extremity or one upper extremity
Nonprofit Organizations
Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps: the program primarily offers critical home repairs for Veterans such as interior and exterior work, removal of health, safety and life hazards, modification for better accessibility, repairing of required materials, reconfiguring of space, installing any mechanical, plumbing or electrical systems and others. Qualified Veterans can also receive standard home repairs from Habitat.
Renovating Hope: injured Veteran homeowners and American service members can get home repair and remodeling services from the nonprofit organization. Veterans need to describe the current home condition, the required repair needs and any special needs if they have and send an email to the organization. They may also speak to the representatives for assistance.
More organizations like Salvation Army, Active Heroes, Home Depot Foundation, HelpAmerica Foundation, and The Admiral Roy F. Hoffmann Foundation offer repair and renovation services for free.
Apply soon for home repair grants for disabled Veterans and enjoy a well secured and independent living in your own house.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

HUD Home Repair Grant Programs For Home Improvements

Apply for the HUD home repair grant programs and get your homes renovated and restored for free for a comfortable living.
The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has initiated several home repair programs and benefit schemes for low income people. Financially crunched families often find it challenging to manage funds to repair, remodel, modify or adapt their homes according to their requirements.
The home repair programs financially assist in remodeling work and offers grants that subsidize the expenses. Let’s have a look at the HUD home repair grant programs for you.

Home Repair Grants by HUD
Community Block Development Grants
HUD has initiated the CDBG program for home and neighborhood repair needs and to offer decent living standards to low income communities. The funding amount is decided by HUD based on varied factors like poverty levels, housing age, population, housing overcrowding etc. and the grants are disbursed to local, state and county housing authorities. Eligible families and communities receive financial assistance through the HUD grants for the needed repair work, housing assistance, and home infrastructural development. The primary purpose is to eliminate safety and health threats. Grants are provided based on certain qualifications and eligibility criteria.
home repair grant programs
HOME Homeowner Rehabilitation
Funds from the HOME Investment Partnership Program are used for repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation work for housing units occupied by existing homeowners. To be eligible the homeowner needs to have low income earnings and occupy the home as the principal residence.
Nonprofit Organizations
Home repair assistance is also available from HUD supported and funded nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits like Rebuilding Together, NeighborWorks, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Family Emergency Services, National Low Income Housing Coalition, The National Fuel Funds Network and others offer home repairing grants through HUD to ensure complete safety and security of low income earning families. Applicants are chosen based on age, income levels, need and disability factors for home repair grants.
Area Agency on Aging
Eligible elderly or senior citizens are entitled to receive grant money and financial support from HUD for their specific home repair requirements. Based on location, city, income level and necessity free grants are offered to some applicants while others need to pay on a sliding scale basis. Grants money can be used for repairing of water tanks, heating and plumbing systems, electrical systems, water taps, roofs, floors, walls, ceilings, doors, kitchen, bathroom, removing hazardous objects, remodeling house for the handicapped for better accessibility etc. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for assistance.
HUD Home Repair Loan Programs
HUD also offers home repair loan programs for emergency renovation needs.
Title 1 loan: the HUD Title 1 Program Loan Insurance for Property Improvement can be used for repairing electrical appliances or for restoring of damaged roof, walls, ceilings, floors etc.
Streamlined 203(k): applicants can get a maximum of $35,000 loan amount for renovating of roofs, septic systems, home painting, waterproofing, gutters or installing appliances etc.
203(k) rehab loan: the HUD 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance loan is used for extensive renovation work like landscaping, modernizing of home, remodeling or addition of floors, roofs, ceilings, weatherization work, energy conservation improvements or even building a completely new home.
If your home also requires repairing or remodeling work then start applying for HUD home repair grant programs.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Free Window Replacement Grants Programs For Low Income Families

forget your financial worries and get free money to repair and replace windows for better home energy efficiency and comfortable living.
Well equipped windows are essential for comfortable living and hence replacement and repair is needed in case of any damage. Broken windows can cause infiltration of cold air, chilly window panes, and air conduction through panes, hence causing an increase in heating costs. A well equipped and remodeled window can save 10-20 percent of energy costs.
To support low income families grants and financial assistance are provided by the government, nonprofits, utility companies and housing agencies that help in replacement or up-gradation of windows. Let’s have a look at the window replacement grants.

Families using Energy Star-qualified windows, skylights and doors save an average of 12 percent on their energy bills and get tax credits up to $1,500 from the government. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy administer the Energy Star cooperative program. Energy Star Windows have low emissivity coatings on windows, doors, and skylights that reduce UV sun damage to the house. Few essential points to know:
Energy Star windows save energy bills by using less energy and saving more
These certified windows help in keeping the temperature of the house at a comfortable level by covering up the overheated spaces and cold drafts
There’s a special coating on the window glass that acts as a sunscreen, thus protecting the house 
window replacement grants
Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit Program
The program is financed by the Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The primary aim of the program is to assist low income families upgrade their homes and appliances for energy conservation and reduce electricity bills. The homes of the eligible applicants are physically and financially inspected by officers of HUD before the funds are granted.
Weatherization Assistance Program
WAP is sponsored by the Department of Energy to financially support low income families update their homes and repair their windows for energy saving. A grant amount of $5 billion is given to local and state governments which are later disbursed to eligible applicants for their window replacement or other energy savings repair work or weatherization of homes.
Applicants must be below the poverty level and must be US citizens to apply for the program. Apply with the state weatherization agency to avail the grants.
USDA Rural Repair Rehabilitation Grants
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has initiated the Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loans and Grants that provide financial assistance for repairing, remodeling or modification of houses, upgrading of appliances and removing of any health hazards.
There are eligibility criteria for the USDA program-
Applicants must be US citizens or should be residing permanently in the country
Should be the homeowner and occupant of the house
The income level must be less than 50 percent of the area median income.
Self -Help Homeownership Opportunity Program
Below poverty families who build their individual homes are entitled to receive $15,000 grant amount. Families facing financial crisis may avail the grant for replacing their windows or upgrading their homes.
You may also apply to the utility companies, local government and nonprofits for replacement or repairing of windows to save energy and reduce your bills. Start applying now.

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Free Home Repair And Improvement Grants For Disabled Single Mothers

Repair, Renovate and modernize your home with the home repair grants that offer financial assistance for your expenses.
Disabled mothers often require home repair work for eased living and better accessibility. At times the repair work might be an urgent need for their safe & secure living but for low income earning mothers the modification work can be a big financial worry.
Apply for home repair grants with the federal government, state offices, community agencies and nonprofits if you require modification, alteration or repair done. Forget your financial worries and start applying now.
Home Repair Grants for You
Urgent Repair Program: people with special needs can get help from the Urgent Repair Program for immediate repairs in their homes. Individuals with income below 50% of the area median income and people with special needs can avail critical repairs such as septic systems, rotten floors, heating systems or accessibility modifications. The funds are available from the local organizations and state governments.
Single-Family Rehabilitation Program: If an individual’s income is 80% of the area median income, they can avail assistance for major home repairs from the Single-Family Rehabilitation. The local organizations also supervise the repair work and provide funds for rehabilitation of homes. 
USDA: single mothers may receive home repair grants from the United States Department of Agriculture. Home repair grants like Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and Housing Preservation Grants offer financial aid for improving or repairing of roofs, ceiling, floors, stairs, heating systems, electrical wiring, removing health hazards etc.
single mother home repair grants
Nonprofits: home repair assistance programs can be availed from charities and non-profits like Community Action Agencies, The National Fuel Funds Network, NeighborWorks local organizations, Salvation Family Emergency Services, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Rebuilding Together and others.
Weatherization: the home appliances require up-gradation from time to time for energy efficiency. The federal government initiated grants like the Weatherization Assistance Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and LIHEAP Crisis Program. These grant programs offer services like wall and attic insulation, weather stripping, minor home repairs and energy-saving measures that reduce utility bills.
Single Family Housing Repair Program: it offers loans at low interest rates to very low income earners for home repairing and improvement work and to remove safety and health hazards. A maximum of $20,000 for the loan amount and $7,500 for grants are available. Applicants can also get a combined grant and loan amount of $27,500 for home modification work. The basic eligibility criteria to apply are:
Must be the homeowner and the occupant
Should not be able to get credit from anywhere
Applicants should have less than 50 percent of the area median income
Must be 62 years or older to get grants
There are many federal grants too like HUD, CBDG, FHA and USDA that offer home repair grants to disabled moms. Assistance is also available from State Housing Finance Agencies, Local Independent Living Center (ILC), local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).For further information visit site.
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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Free Grants For Single Disabled Mothers For Affordable Housing

Pay off your rent with ease and get affordable homes to stay with the housing grants from the government and charities.
Disabled single mothers with dependent children face a tough financial crisis due to their restricted income levels and invalidity. Thousands of single mothers face homelessness and evictions as paying off expensive home rents or purchasing a home seems unaffordable. The government, charities, non-profits and community agencies furnish housing grants to help especially able mothers and their families to dwell in safe,secured and affordable homes.
Get your housing grant today and get affordable homes, cash assistance to pay off rent or even purchase a house.
Federal Housing Grants for You
USDA Rural Development
The U.S. Department of Agriculture Single Family Housing Program offers loans and grant programs that can help disabled moms to secure affordable homes for their family. The programs support low income earning families with facilities like housing, home repair and improvement and removal of safety hazards. Apply with the Rural State Development Office to get help for rent payments or to find a new home.

HUD Housing Choice Vouchers Program
Single mothers with disability can seek help from HCVP, administered by HUD, for private housing. The houses might include apartments, townhouses and single family houses in decent and hygienic ambiance. The funds are allocated by local Public Housing Agencies for the houses chosen by disabled moms, provided they meet the set housing standards like safety and health requirements.
The funds are first allocated by HUD to the PHAs. Moms need to pay 30% of their total household income and remaining amount is paid by the government. The fund to be paid is decided as per the family size and income of the applicants.
Supplemental Security Income
People with disabilities and meager or no income may receive supplemental security income. Senior citizens, blind people, and other disabled people are eligible to receive financial support to pay for their basic needs like food, housing, clothing etc.
Family Unification Program
HUD offers the Family Unification Program that pays up to 10% of gross income or 30% of adjusted income to support disadvantaged families. A local housing authority first verifies about the income and eviction details.
housing grants for single disabled mothers
Non-Profit Organizations
Mercy Housing
Low income families, disabled moms, and senior citizens can avail housing assistance from Mercy Housing for affordable shelters, homes and apartments. The nonprofit organization is present in most states and cities and offer rental aid based on age, income, and disability.
Fannie Mae Grant
Fannie Mae offers low-priced foreclosure properties and few homes with flexible mortgage terms and low down payment terms. Low income families and disabled moms can apply for them for affordable shelter. Even varied loan options are also available from the MyCommunityMortgage program.
Habitat for Humanity
Single disabled mothers with restricted income can obtain affordable homes through Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers’ group build the homes of eligible applicants post which mothers pay a mortgage amount based on their financial levels.
There are more housing programs that disabled moms can opt for-HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Public Housing Program, Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities, Multifamily Projects, Homes for Our Troops, state housing grants, AmeriDream Inc. and others. Start applying now for a secured roof for your family.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Single Mother Grants For First Time Home Buyer And Home Repair

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills-Financial Assistance

For Veterans, the transition phase from military life to civilian life is quite struggling. Unavailability of financial resources and insufficient savings makes it tough to afford housing bills, rent, mortgage payment or home purchasing loans, causing heavy debts. Due bills can cause constant harassment from the renters, creditors and can even lead to evictions, foreclosure, and homelessness.
Financial crisis can be a scary situation hence the federal government, charities, Veteran organizations, community agencies, state and local governments have initiated housing grant programs, preventing homelessness and offering timely financial support and resources.
It’s a joint venture between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development that offers housing assistance to monetarily depressed Veterans and their families. Administered by the HUD, the program offers grants that amount up to as much as tens of millions of dollars. Funds are disbursed to Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program that is then allocated to nonprofits, charities, local and state housing authorities and accredited organizations. The complete application procedure for the program is directed by the HUD officials.

HUD-VASH supports more than tens of thousands of eligible Veterans from being homeless. The grant amount given may assist in:
Paying housing or rental bills, mortgages and security deposits 
Preventing evictions, foreclosures, and homelessness
Finding a new shelter or apartment for the homeless Veterans to reside
Paying the rent for a year for Veterans who sacrificed themselves
In addition to this, the local Veterans Health Administration medical centers appoint authorized case managers who may help with managing debts, bills, and funds.
Adapted Housing Grants
It is offered to Veterans with a service-related disability to help them pay for home purchasing and construction costs or to adapt an existing home according to their needs for better accessibility and mobility. Veterans can also avail the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant or Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) for land purchasing, constructing a home or for renovation work. VA covers almost 50% of the costs incurred.
Housing Grants For Veterans To Pay Housing Bills
Military Housing Assistance Fund
It’s a private donation program that offers grants and housing benefit assistance to compensate for the closing costs of home purchasing for Veterans and their families. Companies, organizations, and individuals donate funds for the cause. However, funding varies according to the home purchasing price, location of the home and the guidelines set by the VA.
Other Financial Resources
Several other financial resources are available for housing assistance. Nonprofits, charities, recognized associations, organizations and community agencies offer emergency funding, grants, financial assistance, transitional housing facilities and permanent shelter for Veterans and their families. Important names to note are:
American Red Cross
Volunteers of America
Disabled American Veterans
National Association of American Veterans
United Way
Unmet Needs
US Soldiers Foundation
Military One Source
Mercy for Me
Start applying for the Veteran housing grants to pay off your housing bills and reside securely in your affordable and permanent house.

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Friday, 23 September 2016

Home Repair Grants For Senior Citizens To Fix Up Homes

Getting your home repaired can be a huge challenge if you are running out of money. A repaired, remodeled and renovated house can be an essential need for senior citizens that will enable them to stay in their homes securely and have better accessibility. However, the costs of repairing are expensive and unaffordable with low savings and no income.
Well, grants from the government, nonprofits, state and local governments and community agencies can financially support the expenses. Many grants and assistance programs are available for senior citizens, so hurry and get your home repair grants soon.
Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program: it offers federal grants and loans for home repairs to senior citizens residing in eligible areas and having the stated low-income level. Administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the grants are given by the rural development offices that offer grant amount up to $7,500, home repair loans up to $20,000 and grants and loans combined up to $27,500 to 62 or older senior citizens. Also named as the Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants, the grant program facilitates in modernizing, repairing and improving homes and removing safety and health hazards.

Eligibility Criteria
Must have family income less than 50% of the area median income
Must be the homeowner and occupant of the house
Should not be able to get affordable credit elsewhere
Must be 62 years or above
The interest rate for the loan is 1% that can be paid back over 20 years and grants have lifetime limit up to $7,500. However, a combined loan and grant is given if partial repayment is possible.  Look up the Department of Health and Human Services Eldercare Locator website and browse the Home Repair and Modification section.
Home repair loan is also available from HUD Home Improvement Loans given by private lenders that are HUD insured.
Grants For Senior Citizens To Fix Up Homes
State Grants
Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services:  many states have Medicaid waivers that offer monetary help for home modifications to assist seniors to live independently in their homes. The eligibility criteria and benefits may differ from state to state. Get more information from Medicaid office.
Besides, states and local governments offer assistance programs like ‘deferred payment loans’ and ‘nursing home diversion programs’ that offer grants, loans or the combination of both to low and moderate income earning seniors for home modifications. These may include home repairings like insulation, roofing, heating and cooling, storm windows, weather stripping and modifications like installing wheelchair ramps, grab bars or handrails. You may also apply for weatherization grants for improved home energy efficiency.
Also, check for state, nonprofit and municipal housing agencies’ home repair programs. Contact the state housing finance agency, Area Aging Agency or your city housing authority for more information.
Nonprofit Organizations
Home repair grants for senior citizens are also given by nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, PacifiCorp Foundation and Salvation Army.
Get your senior citizen home repair grants today and live independently.

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Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Apply For First Time Home Buyer Grants-Steps To Apply Online

Low-income families struggle hard to purchase a home but insufficient earnings and savings can be a big hurdle in fulfilling the dream of homeownership. Grants are available from the government, states, local authorities and nonprofits that can help purchasing townhomes, apartments, homes in cities, rural areas and suburbs.
If you are a first time home buyer then you must attend HUD approved house counseling classes. Applying for the grants involve certain important steps that also need to be considered. Make a thorough research and start applying.
First Time Home Purchasing Criteria
First time home purchasing grants apply to those, who have never acquired a home but there are some exceptions and variations to that rule. Each state has its own rules and eligibility criteria to get qualified for the grants. Let’s have a look:
First-time homeowner applicants must not have owned or purchased a home in the last three years
An income limit is set by every state and the applicants’ income need to be within the stated limit
If he/she has bought a home it must be mobile and portable
Must be able to display financial needs

Steps for Your First Time Home Purchasing Program
First time home purchasing assistance programs are initiated by the government, charities, community agencies and recognized organizations for low-income families. HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Federal Housing Association (FHA) Loans, 203(b) Mortgage Insurance Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, AmeriDream Inc. and others have been formulated for eligible applicants seeking to buy a house.
Applicants need to follow few essential steps before they can purchase their dream home and live independently with their families. Let’s have a quick look at them:
Apply For First Time Home Buyer Grants
Researching: research thoroughly for all available options like grants, assistance programs, and loans for home purchasing. Visit the office of the community affairs and housing department, state offices and local offices for detailed information about housing programs.
Get updated information: you must have all updated information before applying for the grants. Check all the important government and non-government sites scrupulously to gather information about home buying grants, eligibility criteria, income limits, purchase limits, procedures and the course of action required
Your state rules: Know about your own state and county rules for home purchasing as they differ state-wise and also check the income and purchase limits set by the state. They usually depend on the number of household members
Contact a lender: Contact a federally approved lender to get your loans or grants. Most government and state offices offer assistance only through approved lenders
Important paperwork: complete the paperwork meticulously; provide essential details like employment history, financial status, income level, household members, debts if you have, credit history, any recommendations to prove your reliability etc. Read through every specific point
Note down every step carefully, research well and apply soon for your first time home buyer grants and get a safe, secure and happy living experience with your family.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Low Income Housing Grants For Home Buying and Home Repair

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development seeks to offer affordable and decent housing conditions for the low-income earning families facing homelessness or poor living conditions. In 2016 HUD has implemented grants and housing benefit programs that help needy families and households to avail safe housing and clean neighborhoods.
States, counties, local governments and community action agencies offer housing grants, funds and assistance through the federal government to families requiring affordable homes. Read the article for the updated HUD housing grants and apply soon.
Low Income Housing Grants For Home Buying
Housing and Community Development Grants
On Sept 12th HUD awarded 77 Native American communities in the country $56.5 million for the betterment and improvement of their living conditions, residential conditions, community developments and suitable environments. The aim of the program is to provide affordable housing and better economic conditions for the Native Americans communities.

The grant program is part of the Indian Community Development Block Grant that was initiated in 1977 for housing and community developments. The grant amount can be used for house building, remodeling or repairing the old house, infrastructural developments of roads, sewer or water facilities or purchasing plots for housing.
Federal Housing Administration Program
The FHA has announced to offer assistance programs to help deprived families from foreclosures and retain their houses. The program will enforce new procedures for mortgage servicers to help them utilize a better process to avoid foreclosures for low-income families. A new and improved process will be initiated to be used by servicers while assessing foreclosure options and home retention alternatives for the borrowers.
The streamlined process will reduce the hassles of servicers and borrowers to determine a delinquency and mitigate the problem. Moreover, the improved program will offer more flexibility to evaluate the unemployed borrower for the forbearance agreement.
Veteran Homelessness Assistance Programs
In July’16 HUD awarded $5 million to almost 42 local housing authorities engaged in eliminating veteran homelessness in the country. By offering additional funds HUD is supporting such housing authorities across the nation to strengthen their work and initiate a joint program between HUD and U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide immediate services and permanent homes to veterans facing homelessness.
In August HUD and VA have again announced to offer funding for eradicating homelessness for veterans in 7 states. The grant amount will be presently given to 108 veterans through the HUD-VASH i.e. HUD-veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program.
New Housing Trust Fund
In 2016 HUD allocated almost $174 for affordable and decent housing for the low-income families. The fund has been allocated through Housing Trust Fund, a new housing program that will now function along with the state, local and federal services for better, safer and more affordable living conditions and housing for the homeless, low and very low income earning families.
Almost $3 million has been given to each state that will be utilized by the state housing planners for work like- acquisition of real property, site development and improvement, demolition, planning and administrative costs, relocation help and rental housing operating cost assistance.
Check your HUD housing grants and start applying soon for your house at the most affordable price.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Home Repair Grants For Low Income Families-Apply And Get Free Money

Home Repair For Low Income Families

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Federal Foreclosure and Mortgage Assistance Programs For Low Income

Paying off mortgages and foreclosure can be really intimidating and with meager savings or income, it can even lead to evictions or homelessness. To offer assistance to families at poverty level grants and benefit programs have been initiated by the government, state or local agencies, nonprofit organizations and banks that can help settle down payments, foreclosures and mortgage issues. Families may also seek legal help.
Read thoroughly for all available programs and live securely with your family.
Mortgage Assistance Programs to Apply for
Government Assistance: states, counties, and local governments offer assistance to low-income earners for their mortgage and foreclosure. The US government has initiated loan modification services, refinancing programs, foreclosure prevention programs and mortgage assistance programs that help disadvantaged people from getting homeless.
These programs, administered by the U.S. Treasury Department and HUD, are Second Lien Modification Program (2MP), Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and Principal Reduction Alternative (PRA).
There are even assistance programs for unemployed homeowners such as Home Affordable Unemployment Program (UP), FHA Special Forbearance and Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program.
Federal Organization: there are government owned organizations that offer help with foreclosure and mortgage. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have initiated programs and services like Borrowers Help Centers, Borrower Help Network and Streamlined Modification Initiative that help homeowners with their mortgage payment. Further assistance programs like Making Home Affordable Program, Hope for Homeowners by the Federal Housing Authority, Military Homeowners Assistance Program and Neighborhood Stabilization Program also can help.
Mortgage Assistance Programs For Low Income
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Non-profit Housing Counseling Agencies: the nonprofits or the HUD-approved housing counseling agencies assist in paying off the monthly mortgage and prevent foreclosures. The services rendered are mostly free of cost. There are special programs for renters, tenants, and homeowners. While for renters and tenants the programs emphasize more on eviction, for homeowners the programs mostly pertain to foreclosure for assistance with home loan modifications or credit repayment. Nonprofit housing agencies like the Housing Counseling Agency, NeighborWorks America, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, Union Plus and Save the Dream Tour also offer assistance.
Catholic Charities: many foreclosure counseling programs and homebuyer assistance are also offered by catholic charities. The services are provided free of cost all across the nation through their centers. Even community action agencies offer cash grants to avoid foreclosure or homelessness.

Mortgage forbearance programs are also offered by banks that include Citibank, Bank of America, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. Loans are also available at low-interest rates to clear any housing dues.
Federal Legal Assistance: federal grants are also given to law offices and attorneys to offer legal assistance to homeowners in foreclosure.The legal officers probe into the matter and offer help to support such homeowners to avoid homelessness.
If you are also facing issues with foreclosure or mortgage problems then start applying for the federal grants or seek help from nonprofits to save your roof. Apply with your state, local or county offices for support.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Home Improvement and Repair Grants For Single Mothers-2016 Updated

Occasional repairing work, improvements or remodeling work is essential for the proper maintenance and upkeep of homes. The repair work may include roofing, electrical wiring, removal of hazards, damage mending, pipe work etc but it can quite expensive to afford. Home improvement grants are available from the government, state agencies, and nonprofits that help compensate for the home repairing expenses. Read and apply soon.
HUD Home Improvement
HUD offers home improvement grants like repairing, improving or remodeling of houses to low income earning people requiring urgent home repair services. Single mothers can avail grants from states, local governments, and nonprofits.
Community Block Development Grants: initiated in 1974, CDBG targets home and neighborhood improvement work, needed repair work and infrastructural development. Every year 1209 local government general units receive grants on a formula basis. Entitlement Communities, State Administered CDBG, HUD-Administered Small Cities, Disaster Recovery Assistance and Neighborhood Stabilization Program are some of the CDBG programs that support affordable and decent communities for all.

Nonprofit Organizations: nonprofits and local authorities provide home repair grants approved by HUD. Nonprofits like NeighborWorks, Salvation Family Emergency Services, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, National Low Income Housing Coalition and the National Fuel Funds Network offer funds for home repair work. Selection is done based on age, income, disability, family members, financial need, and urgency.
Grants and loans like Neighborhood and Small Cities Stabilization Program, Insular Areas Disaster Recovery Assistance, Streamlined 203(k), Title 1 loan and 203(k) Rehab Loan are also available.
home improvement and repair grants for low incomeThe United States Department of Agriculture
The USDA grants assist in home improvements like repairing ceilings, roof, heating systems, floors, electrical boards and also removing any hazards. Single mothers may apply for Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and Housing Preservation Grants for free home repairing services.
Weatherization and Energy Up-Gradation
Electricity bills can escalate to huge numbers without up-gradation hence weatherization grants are offered for energy efficiency. Weatherization of home can be expensive for single mothers. The grants help in compensating the expenses and offer services like weather stripping, roof repairing, window replacement, home repairs, wiring repair, wall and attic insulation, etc. Apply today for grant programs like Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Weatherization Assistance Program, LIHEAP Crisis Program and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
Home Improvement Grants for Disabled
Special grants are also disbursed for disabled mothers for home repairing that helps in better accessibility and mobility. Grants like Single-Family Rehabilitation Program, Urgent Repair Program, Rebuilding Together, and Displacement Prevention Partnership facilitate in home improvement. Mothers with special needs can also seek help from Local Independent Living Center and local Aging and Disability Resource Center.
You must contact the state or local housing department, community development institutions or local agencies to apply for the home repair financial assistance. Research about the grants and start applying for a safe and secure living.

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